About Us

It all started with a passion for plumbing and a yellow Toyota Corolla.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, Aubrey Sacks Plumbing Supplies have built on these humble beginnings to become a trusted name in the local industry. Today this Kempston Road outfit is known for its customer-driven service excellence and wide offering ranging from plumbing material, sinks, sanitary ware, geysers, piping, guttering and cement at an affordable price.

Thinking back on the beginning days, co-owner, trustee and director Thys van der Merwe - who has been with the company since schooldays - recalled how his father, Aubrey Sacks, started the business.

"My dad saw a gap in the market and armed with the sound background experience he got from working for a local plumbing supplier, he rounded up a 16-member core team who built up the business through blood sweat and tears to where it is now. I remember how my mom, Virginia, worked two jobs and burnt the midnight oil seeing to the financial and admin side of things.

"In the beginning, we only did deliveries of 4m-long pipes as the Corolla's roof racks could not carry 6m pipes!" Van der Merwe said, adding with a chuckle that the delivery service which the business offer, as has come a long way since then.

This hands-on approach is today still reflected in Aubrey Sacks Plumbing Supplies going the extra mile to satisfy customers' needs.

"Our able team of specialists (all qualified plumbers) focus closely on meeting the needs of clients - many of whom we have established a familiar relationship with over the years," said Van der Merwe.

"We can be counted on when there are special needs and are especially passionate about not just helping contractors, but also to take care of the man on the street."

"I can vouch for it that the Aubrey Sacks team will try their utmost best to source any local product in sanitary ware, plumbing and piping that we do not have in stock," Van der Merwe continued.

Their on-site showroom which stocks quality brands, such as Franke sinks, Libra and Plexicor baths, Cobra, Grohe and Isca taps, as well as Vaal sanitary ware and a variety of style-line cabinets, serves as an example of the business's dedication to product excellence.

Aubrey Sacks Plumbing Supplies also stock Kwikot and eco-friendly solar geysers.

The business's core values of service excellence and integrity are reflected in the work ethic of the "Aubrey Sacks family" of 27 staff members, many of whom has been with the business since inception. Aubrey, who is semi-retired, still has his finger on the pulse helping out every now and again.

"We've always had a very strong contracts department run by Louis Klopper (25 years service) and Glen Sa-joe. Another stand-out is our general sales department run by Clive Gustafson (25 years service).